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style series inspiration // women who wear -- chloe sevigny

Be warned -- in this post I go Chloe crazy!

The first time I ever saw Chloe Sevigny's face, I was much younger, flipping through a fashion magazine, and I can recall my jaw sort of just dropping. I don't remember what she was wearing, I simply remember that whatever it was, I found it compelling and peculiar -- and, that is where my love of her personal style took root.

I truly don't believe that there are actresses and "it girls" who are daring in the same way as Sevigny. Sure, others are daring in their own ways, but Sevigny is daring in this vintage, chameleon-like way that has the rare ability to either throw contemporary style out the door or own it in a way that does not succumb to "trend" by any means. 

It takes talent to know fashion and to keep up with the fashion world. But, it takes individuality and a lot of self-confidence to know one's own personal style and stick with it and be known for it. Sevigny's certainly got talent when it comes to portraying a certain look, which is probably why her career doesn't just include being an "it girl" but also having successful careers in fashion and in film, not to mention having mentions in the publishing world.

What I admire most about Chloe is how unconventional she is. She doesn't look like just another model wearing a brand for the sake of advertisement, she doesn't look like another Hollywood product, nor does she only seem to represent New York City. As someone who has followed fashion for  a decade now, I've had my fair share of envy towards the icons and fashionistas I admire. I'll see someone wearing something, and try as I might to emulate a look, that simply just isn't the point. 

It isn't the point to look at the style of others and take it on as your own. Why? Because comfort and confidence vary, and it is way more important to wear what makes you feel your best.

{look at her bag!!!}

So, in high school I'd see looks on certain celebrities and when I'd realize that I didn't have the entire look {or something remotely like it in my wardrobe} I'd be so discouraged. I'm talking like 30-45 minute delays on getting myself dressed {in the first couple years of high school I woke around FIVE A.M. just to give myself an hour and a half or so of time to pick an outfit. Crazy and ridiculous, I know}.

I'm pleased to say that I dress rather quickly now. I don't give a second thought to impressing boys at lunch anymore...thank you, adulthood ;) 


When I wouldn't have an exact look, I'd feel like my closest just wasn't good enough. So silly. 
However, looking up to women like Sevigny taught me freedom with my own sense of style. 

Her style is unconventional in that it is eclectic, vintage and contemporary, mixed and matched, etc etc...

So, maybe I didn't have an entire look, but I learned to have pieces of a look. And eventually I learned that pieces of a look combined with my growing self awareness of style was indeed a look that I could own and be proud of.

There are two specific things I have learned from Chloe. First, is the beauty and fun that comes with combination. She will take two statement pieces, two pieces wholly their own style, and she'll marry them. She does this with colors, fabrics, patterns, pieces...

Her look below is loud. I know that if given the choice to wear this look, my nerves would tell me that the dress and the shoes are too loud and too bright together. Plus, both pieces have their own textures and patterns going on. Yet the risk is a success because tints of red-orange can be found within the dress. So, while so much is going on with the look, the unifying color of red-orange and the fact that the dress itself isn't primarily red-orange like the boots allows the look to go rather than necessarily match.

Secondly--and simply--I love how Chloe can take one particular look and reinvent it time and time again. For instance, the schoolgirl look -- she somehow manages to take varied approaches to it that manage to be specific but not costume-y.




90s-early 2000s


When I think of Chloe, I think of a strong, independent woman who uses clothing as an expression of who she is on the inside.

She is bold with her style choices in the same way she is bold creatively and in her career. I admire her chameleon approach to fashion -- how she seems to make it more about experimentation than sticking to a trend. 

She's a wonderful source of inspiration to go to when you want affirmation for pairing those knee high socks with a school girl skirt {as seen above...} --

when you need to be reminded that yes, jeans and t-shirts are always cool --

and, when you just need to wear those pants that make a statement --


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