Friday, September 9, 2016

top ten {but actually twelve} films i love --

As someone who loves film, I really love the question:
what are your top favorite films? 
which film do you recommend?

However, I also cringe at either of these questions because--though
I find myself over the moon about someone wanting to talk film with me--
my mind goes absolutely blank. 

Suddenly any and all film vocabulary goes out the door and I feel like an idiot 
with nothing to say.

But, since no one is asking me either of these questions, I know exactly how to reply...

Okay, so perhaps I don't -- but that's because I love so many films! 

I don't know how I'll narrow it down...some of these have been on my list of tops
for years...others will surely make their way onto it as the years continue to pass...

For now, I'm going to compile a list of what I absolutely love -- some of which I'll let you
know are the films that I will always always always admire and return to without fail.


{In no particular order}

the top five six i will return to without fail:

1. Close Up - Abbas Kiarostami
2. The Tree of Life - Terrence Malick
3. The Darjeeling Limited - Wes Anderson
4. Little Miss Sunshine - Jonathan Dayton & Valerie Faris
{Tied for fifth!}
5. Rabbit Hole - John Cameron Mitchell // The Seventh Seal - Ingmar Bergman

five six other films i can watch over & over & can't/won't get over:

7. Jaws - Steven Spielberg
8. Sunset Blvd. - Billy Wilder
9. Ex Machina - Alex Garland
 10. A Clockwork Orange - Stanley Kubrick
11. The Grand Budapest Hotel - Wes Anderson
 12. Everybody Wants Some!! - Richard Linklater


I gave myself about a week's time to think about each film, and why they mean something to me. They're all so unique from one another, yet what loving a film ultimately comes down to for me is plot and character development. Over time, I hope to elaborate on each one here on the blog just as a way of having a conversation about a topic/passion I could talk endlessly about. 

Stay tuned!



++links for images:
tree of life 
close up 
little miss sunshine
the darjeeling limited
rabbit hole
the seventh seal
ex machina
sunset blvd.
a clockwork orange
everybody wants some!!

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