Thursday, October 27, 2016


...just like that, i did indeed miss a day of writing/posting.

i realized this when i woke up, and immediately felt so sad!

i was on a writing-roll. but, in spite of this being an excuse,

i promise it is a good excuse:

i interviewed for and got a job with a temp agency yesterday.

there's still some training and paperwork involved,

but it happened.

so much change has occurred within the last four weeks.

a move, a wedding, a trip home, a couple job interviews,
new roommates, new routines, lots of job board searching and tears
and phone calls and m&m's, and learning the LA way of life with parking
and paperwork, etc.

in this moment i'm just taking deep breaths and not giving any mind to tomorrows.
{well, maybe a little}.

here's to sudden changes.


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