Wednesday, October 12, 2016

october 12, 2016

i'd like to mark today as one that--while it will probably quickly fade into the slew
of other days that compile in my memory--
is a day that leaves me feeling truly happy.

not the surface, smile on the face happy.
but the hardy, slice of joy that doesn't need to be center of attention
to be present.
the one rooted in one's bones,
deep in the heart and belly of a being.

i looked all around me, even more than yesterday,
and i breathed it all in.

i also wrote twenty-nine pages of a story i'm developing.

and that in itself felt like the whole pie of joy,
and not just a slice.

now, i'm off to finish writing a piece for my best friend's wedding --

which is another pie in itself.

also -- life, guys.

life is good. quietly changing in drastic measures.
but simple, and good.


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