Saturday, October 29, 2016


a tall glass of cold orange juice + a sturdy, wooden table to eat a meal at // 
jars filled with greenery + tin cans stuffed with notes //
a candle simmering, casting shadows on a wall + the smell of impending holiday in the air //
a morning marked by the dimmed light of clouds + a bed filled with pillows //
breakfast at nearly lunch time + a dog-eared books stacked on the floor //
coffee + tea burning sweetly //
white pumpkins for festivities + purple carrots for hot soups that fill bellies //
whispers + wooden floors that require socks pulled up to knees //
chocolate for lunch + a second cup of english breakfast //
quietness that is solace //
songs of san francisco + thoughts of those you love //
a christmas film in october + a breeze pushing past drawn blinds //
the thought of halloween kept in the back of the mind,
like a secret that the next eight weeks are filled with wonder and warmth.

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