Wednesday, October 5, 2016

sf v. la

The other night while gushing over my love and affection for San Francisco, my boyfriend caused me to have a major epiphany -- which actually gave me a heap and a half of hope for my impending friendship with Los Angeles.

I was saying something typical and along the lines of I don't know why I love San Francisco so much. It just feels so much like home. I see it and I feel this sort of peace. Something so terrible could be happening but as long as I'm in San Francisco all would still feel right with my world.


I got a well deserved eye roll from my boyfriend. But! That's when the epiphany occured.

I told him that San Francisco is my lover. That I probably love it more than Herb Caen ever did/could have. (I got another eye roll). And then boyfriend said, "So, basically, Los Angeles has been friend-zoned."

And I couldn't believe it!

It's so true.

San Francisco is my lover, and Los Angeles only ever has the potential to be a friend.

I can't say that the two of us are amicable just yet.

But there's hope for a friendship.

If I can simply be friends with Los Angeles, I can certainly still love San Francisco --

and make my way home to it in several year's time.

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