Thursday, October 20, 2016

ten tips:

I'm three weeks in and here are ten pieces of advice I have for that awkward in between
of relocation + finding employment:

1. Leave your house every day -- even if on Saturday you leave the house
to walk to the laundromat or sit on the front porch or take the trash out. Leave. The. House.

2. Focus in one one achievement per day.

3. Rise early and don't forget to make the bed -- I've made it my goal to be up between 5:00 - 6:00 am each morning {I know!} not because I have somewhere to be, but because it helps my day feel productive. At first I wondered why on Earth I'd want to elongate an already quiet day, but I'm finding that rising early makes me sleep early, so not only am I getting rest but I feel like bedtime is well deserved at the end of the day, and there's not much worse than going to bed with a groggy, haven't-done-much-today feeling.

4. Make a routine and stick to it -- right now I read first thing in the morning; I check my emails; look at job boards; start work; eat breakfast; do more work; go run errands or go to a coffee shop until 1:00-2:00; come home; tidy up; prep dinner; write some more; eat dinner; clean up {because small spaces get dirty easily!}; make a phone call or two; read more or watch tv; and, glorious bedtime!

5. Dress yo self -- even if I'm not going to see anyone I know in my day, I make a point to dress myself and put some make-up on. It helps contribute to the feeling of productivity and accomplishment for the day. Even if the day seems like it won't contain much, being prepared to go somewhere helps me feel like anything is possible. 

6. Buy the flowers or the leaves or the candle, and then light that candle -- it's been very important for me to make my room feel like a home in itself. Since I spend so much time in or near it, I want to always enjoy it. Rearranging also helps with constantly improving a space. When the time comes for a hectic schedule, my room will be even more of a retreat. I also usually light my candles as I unwind before bed, which helps me feel relaxed. 

7. Stock your fridge and cabinets with nutritious food, but keep some treats around for when you feel particularly lonely -- I prefer frozen peanut butter M&M's. Usually I'll take one at a time from the freezer throughout my day.

8. Teach yourself something new -- I had to hang everything on my walls all by myself, and I even have some new recipes I want to try.

similar found here

9. Search for small inspirations -- lately I've been holding tight to this blog as a source of inspiration and motivation. She was once a young writer, too, who found success and wholeness in what she does -- that gives me hope :)

10. Tell yourself all throughout the day that today is important, even in all of its quietness -- I am constantly trying to remind myself to be grateful that this season is quiet, that I finally got the move I desired months and weeks ago, and that someday soon this will all be a memory that I'll probably miss. My mom has told me time and time again that she believed raising toddlers was tough -- as soon as my brother and I hit the teenage years she wanted to go back to simpler times. I tell myself that I won't always be single, and that life won't always be so calm -- someday I might look back and wonder at the lovely simplicity that is currently my present!


These are my ways of remaining grounded in positivity throughout the day. I hope you all are enjoying your Thursday!

one 1/2 of my very compact and cluttered--though still somewhat organized--room!

p.s. these target shelves are a life saver for storage! Plus, they feed my love of doorless cabinets!


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