Tuesday, October 11, 2016

"We need to be more convinced of the beauty of tomorrow than the difficulty of today."
-Billy Johnson


Today was the first day that I didn't cry. 

In fact, as I drove to my new go-to coffeeshop, I smiled to myself.
Perhaps it had something to do with being out of the house early;
perhaps it had something to do with the fog! that greeted me all morning long through the window...

Whatever it was, I drove for thirty minutes just to go three miles and I still smiled to myself.

I sat in traffic --
took in the compacted, over-crowded, aged surroundings --
and, the feeling in me said you're doing it.

I was doing it.

And that is more than half the battle.

And I felt grateful, and content.

Still uncomfortable, but content.

I am holding fast to the beauty of all the tomorrows I have in this life --
and finding that it makes today's difficulties doable.


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