Saturday, April 22, 2017

a birthday iced coffee

i am a firm believer in the coffee bean & tea leaf.

it's a southern californian staple that i have come to prefer over starbucks.

it being my birthday month, i was excited to get my free drink. today was the day. i'm sick (so i probably shouldn't be drinking coffee, and yet...), exhausted, and in need of some writing time at my favorite shop.

i ordered my usual small vanilla iced coffee with soy.

scanned for my free drink.

and then the barista asked if i'd like a larger size. the largest -- it being free and all.

so i said why not. i think that in my cloud of no-caffeine-and-it-being-four-thirty-pm, plus not feeling well, i had conjured up an image of a venti sized drink in my head.



what was and is placed before me is a 32 oz cup of iced coffee garnering all of the glances.

this is like the grocery store incident.


i am increasingly insecure about the excesses in my life.

now, coffee (of all things!) is on the list.

so, from a square table in los angeles, your girl writes you her embarrassment over her birthday coffee that is larger than her head.

i can't even begin to drink it i feel so glutinous.

and yet.

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