Monday, July 10, 2017

monday thoughts

The girl whose room/apartment faces my room (too closely at times, I might add) has a wonderful new habit of playing her accordion while perched on her bed. The summer heat has the whole neighborhood with windows open wide -- and the swoosh of her song seeps into my room, along with a little boy who cries too easily down below, and an ice cream man who drives down the street at seemingly odd hours.

A woman hugged me today, teary eyed, too, and I was reminded of how small gestures make us not just more human, but better humans.

The San Francisco Bay is as blue as the sky, and if everyone could be given the chance to look upon its crisp goodness every single day, I think all of the world's problems might be solved.

I've been taking note of people who notice. At first, I was discouraged by how few seem to be paying attention around me. But then I catch two people caught in a glance, or I overhear the depth of a compliment, or receive a good morning, and I'm not so discouraged anymore.

Coffee is made for the morning. Every morning. And four p.m. is meant for tea.

It's been an entire week of learning not to apologize for my quirks and flaws, and growing into my biggest fan. And, most of the muscle of loving oneself comes, first and so much, from the unconditionality of others. So, give grace freely (is what I'm gathering) because oftentimes we are so near to growing people.

The other night, while eating dinner at a friend's house, I looked toward the kitchen table where everyone was congregated as an eruption of laughter ensued. It's one of my favorite things when people laugh at once and carry the humor for much longer than a singular laugh. In that moment, my heart was so full. Los Angeles is constantly impersonal for me, yet in that home and at that table I found authenticity.

"Movie theaters are a religious experience. It's as close to church as anything can get" - said me at a wedding on Friday. And I'll say it again.

A Saturday morning with nowhere to be and only those you love to be with is the sort of moment I could live in for eternity.

A foggy coastal day is another version of heaven.

Currently dreaming of Oslo, Stockholm, Copenhagen, Warsaw, Prague, Geneva, Edinburgh, and Reykjavik -- and (very) excited for what the spring may bring my way.

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