the bucket

  1. Climb a mountain
  2. Spend a significant period of time on the East Coast
  3. Successfully French braid my/someone's hair
  4. Cook dinner all by myself
  5. Skydive
  6. Obtain dual citizenship
  7. Spend an entire week coming back to the MET
  8. Read French Vogue in France
  9. See WWII memorials in Europe
  10. Have Jameson at a pub in the UK
  11. See Westminster Abbey
  12. Pay for a stranger's meal
  13. Carve my initials in a tree with someone I love
  14. Marry my best friend
  15. Find a beach that I actually love
  16. Buy Jimmy Choos in Paris
  17. If I ever have a boy, name him Henry Thomas
  18. Have a fluent conversation with a Frenchmen 
  19. Use a map (not Google maps!) to go somewhere new
  20. Build a bookshelf for that library
  21. Make pizza from scratch
  22. Sleep all day and NOT feel guilty about it
  23. See the beach along Normandy
  24. Inspire someone
  25. Ride a bike across the Golden Gate
  26. Sail in a boat along the coast of Greece
  27. Advocate for something
  28. Visit the Louvre
  29. Read a 1.000 page book in one day
  30. See the Pyramids
  31. Have a picnic in Central Park
  32. Write a book
  33. Cut down a Christmas tree
  34. See it snow
  35. Attend a symphony in Europe
  36. See the world through someone else's eyes as many times as I can
  37. Live in a major city (in january of 2016, i moved to los angeles...eek!)
  38. See Galati, Bucharest and Chisinau again
  39. Go a whole day without my cell phone (many days spent in romania & moldova)
  40. Build up a library
  41. Take piano lessons...again (george fox -- spring of 2013)
  42. Graduate from college (april 30th 2016)
  43. Write a film script (completed april 21st 2016)
  44. See arcade fire live (summer of 2014) 
  45. Live in Europe for any period of time
  46. Go on a safari
  47. See a Red Sox v. Yankees game
  48. Take a train through Europe
  49. Forgive and actually forget
  50. Catch a fish
  51. Get over my fear and hold a snake
  52. Tell someone all of my secrets
  53. Spend an entire day with a stranger
  54. Swim in a fish tank
  55. Learn to change a tire
  56. Run a marathon
  57. Get my doctorate degree
  58. Learn to drive stick shift
  59. Ride in a helicopter
  60. Watch every Audrey Hepburn, Katharine Hepburn, Marilyn Monroe and Grace Kelly film
  61. Adopt
  62. See the Great Wall
  63. Visit an Andy Warhol exhibit
  64. Learn to whistle
  65. Buy something at an auction
  66. Go on a blind date
  67. Invent something, even if its purpose only serves me
  68. Start a charity
  69. Ride an elephant
  70. Swim under a waterfall 
  71. Win something
  72. Learn to be honest, out loud
  73. Attend a church service in a European cathedral 
  74. Sing a song in Carnegie Hall...even if it's just a whisper
  75. Study theology
  76. Read my Bible everyday
  77. Finish the Harry Potter series
  78. Write a series of horror stories
  79. Write a children's book
  80. Volunteer after a natural disaster
  81. See a volcano
  82. Participate in a pie-eating contest
  83. Find someone to laugh with for forever
  84. Road trip
  85. Cook for someone
  86. Visit a haunted house
  87. See a Louise Burgeois exhibit at least one more time
  88. Quit all my swearing
  89. Go to Boston 
  90. Go to Seattle
  91. Visit Israel
  92. Visit Iceland 
  93. Visit Greenland
  94. Visit Prague
  95. Go to romania (summer of 2013)
  96. Stay on the phone all night 
  97. Take a cab through India
  98. Live in San Francisco
  99. Make a movie
  100. Win an Oscar

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