the spiel

i'm madison.

i have a love of words, and phrases, and paragraphs that just look and feel so right.

i love films.

i have a bachelor of arts in english -- with a focus in literature & a minor in theology.

personalized letters are my love language.

i'm currently learning that love has more to do with choosing than with feeling.

i like to write about the things that move and scare me.

chris farley snl sketches were the first thing to inspire this curiosity in storytelling. 

my home stretches from the cool san francisco bay area all the way to the rolling hollywood hills.

i've moved ten times in four years. some say this is a sign of indecisiveness. i say it's a sign of knowing what i want and refusing to settle for anything less.

i'm only just beginning to learn about this small thing called adulthood.
i've been told it takes a lifetime to learn from it --

so, here's where i jump into everything i know absolutely nothing about.

thank you for reading.

on days when things feel most chaotic, it's the secrets i have about myself and my life that help anchor me; help prioritize things; help remind me of who i am.

this blog is made up of those secrets.


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